Transform Research Alliance – About Us

Transform Research Alliance (TRA) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. It is an alliance of health and social care providers, who are all social enterprises.

Our broad geographical and service base, along with our social enterprise status, provides a unique prospect for potential research. We ensure all our member organisations are research-ready, and satisfy the needs of the Department of Health’s Research management Governance requirements.

The TRA promotes an environment supportive of research and engagement across our member organisations. It helps support existing research activity, development of new areas of activity and delivery of high level objectives, whilst ensuring that research is managed effectively and delivered to the highest standards.

Our member organisations are all CICs (Community Interest Company) and have made a commitment to operate responsibly and to reinvest any surplus funds to deliver continuous improvements, both within their company, as well as to benefit surrounding communities. We all understand the mutual benefits of partnership working to enable us to align our goals and strategic objectives, and the importance of access to high quality research projects.

We have the best of both worlds as we work closely with the public sector to deliver health and social care, whilst benefitting from a reduction in red tape. As such, we are able to make quick decisions about research projects.