Take 10 for Mental Health

Monday 10 October marks World Mental Health Day and Spectrum is supporting a new national campaign to “take 10 minutes” and raise awareness of mental health.world-mental-health-piccy

Led by Mental Health First Aid England, the idea behind the the ‘Take 10’ campaign is simply to spend 10 minutes chatting with someone you know – a friend, colleague or partner – about their mental health, creating a new conversation about a sometimes uncomfortable topic. Take 10 minutes to ask a friend:

  • How are you feeling?
  • How long have you felt like this?
  • Who do you feel that you can go to for support?
  • Is there anything I can do to help you?

And it doesn’t have to end there. Follow them up and ask how they are doing – whether it’s keeping in touch with a colleague who is ill, or coming up with ways to cheer up a friend or partner.

You can also:

  • Check out the Take 10 Together awareness campaign to access mental health tips, statistics and resources for World Mental Health Day
  • Download the Take 10 Toolkit to access mental health support & resources
  • Take some time to watch one of the short, educational videos on mental health through the official MHFAE website

Mental health is everyone’s business. Let’s start a conversation

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