Success for Wakefield Research partners at the Pharma Times Awards!

Congratulations to our partners across the Wakefield Together network, who were collectively crowned “Clinical Site Team of the Year” at the Pharma Times Awards in September! The Wakefield Research network picked up the top prize for their work co-delivering the PROVENT COVID-19 Antibody Trial in 2020. 

Spectrum was a key delivery partner in the PROVENT project, led by our Clinical Research Director, Dr. Nat Wright and a diverse team of Clinical Research nurses, pharmacists and primary care staff from across eight organisations. Working with the trial sponsor, AstraZeneca, this partnership mobilised the Antibody study in less than 10 weeks – welcoming the first global patient in November 2020, before official COVID-19 vaccines had been approved in the UK.

By providing participants with antibodies directly, the project aimed to offer early, alternative COVID-19 protection to vulnerable patients and frontline workers.

Dr. Nat Wright said, “This is a fantastic achievement for all of the partners involved in the PROVENT Antibody trial, which was mobilised at great speed in Wakefield and, following recent analysis of the trial data, has helped our wider understanding of COVID-19 prevention. This trial has offered hope to patients unable to mount an antibody response to COVID-19 vaccines and helped us to demonstrate the crucial importance of Clinical Research in healthcare.”

Well done everyone!