‘Stay Safe’ and get tested this Valentine’s.

Spectrum’s sexual health team will out in Wakefield City Centre on Saturday 9th February, giving advice and raising awareness about maintaining good sexual health. With romance in the air, as we approach Valentine’s Day, the main message is ‘be responsible’ and ‘Stay Safe’.

The team will be at Spectrum’s mobile health unit, outside Wakefield Cathedral, on the shopping precinct, with advice and information about STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and contraception. The team can also provide screening tests at the unit for both males and females aged between 16 and 24. Visitors to the mobile health unit can also pick up free ‘Valentine’s condoms’ and free ‘Valentine’s pants/briefs”  to 16-24 year olds as an incentive to take a Chlamydia urine screening test..

Vivien Thompson, Co-Ordinator at Spectrum’s Sexual Health team, said:

“It’s important that people can make informed and safe decisions about their sexual health but it’s not always easy to be able to take time out of a busy life to visit the clinic. One of Spectrum’s priorities is safety and on the day, visitors to our mobile unit can learn about sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

“It’s not unusual for someone to pick up an STI. Around 7% of under 25s recently tested in the Wakefield District were found to have Chlamydia, which is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. Some STIs show up several days after having unprotected sex whilst others go unnoticed for a long time or might not show any symptoms at all. It’s always useful to get yourself screened and our staff are trained to be discreet and will treat all cases confidentially.

“It is dangerous to leave STIs untreated for both you and your partner, who could also become infected. So do come and speak, in confidence, to one of the team in Wakefield City Centre and we can arrange a test for you.”

STIs can affect anyone, regardless of their sexual preference and many can be treated easily. The Spectrum team can also advise on how to protect yourself against unplanned pregnancy or from contracting an STI, with a range of contraception and advice. Spectrum also runs a number of clinics which people are free to drop into – find out more at our mobile health unit.


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