Spectrum Sexual Health Nurse becomes a ‘Queen’s Nurse’

Siobhan Andrewartha, a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Barnsley Sexual Health Services, picked up a Queen’s Nurse award earlier this week for developing an outstanding project to support asylum-seeking women.

The  ‘Women’s Group for Asylum-Seeking Women’ was first started back in April 2017 and successfully helped asylum seeking women in the Barnsley area gain access to social groups, improve their English and receive practical and emotional support.

This group was a mix of extremely vulnerable women, some of whom were pregnant, had experienced rape, homelessness, depression, loneliness or feared for their lives.

Siobhan explains, “The Women’s Group created a safe space for women to develop social skills, build friendships and complete mindfulness activities whilst also addressing their physical, psychological and emotional needs.”

On Monday 25th June, Siobhan travelled down to an awards ceremony in London to be presented with her Queen’s Nurse title. This will connect Siobhan with the supportive Queens Nurse network and provide access to a free development programme, bursaries and leadership opportunities.

To learn more about this award and its benefits, visit The Queen’s Nursing Institute.