Many of Dawn’s poems focus on struggle, overcoming adversity and facing the unknown. Below are some of Dawn’s poems, created to mirror Linda’s trek through the Himalayas.

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Today I get time out
We’re going to visit a bazaar
I arrive and just stand
Looking around

It’s a mass of stalls, all mixed up
Just like my head gets sometimes
I have to figure it out and decide where I begin

I reflect on this morning,
On the sunrise, so beautiful
I know I can do this,
Start at the beginning,
Slowly walk round
Such colour.

I feel calm rushing over me
Just relax and you will see…
Off I go, taking my time to browse around the bazaar

The Beginning

Time to board another plane
A three hour journey
To get to there.

This is my beginning
Time to relax and time to reflect.

As I look out of the windows
I see the beautiful views and
I have feelings of hope.

I know that every step I take
Is a step closer to where I want to be!
To battle all the struggles –
As it gets colder and the oxygen levels drop
I’m going to push through and get where I want to be.


It’s going to be an uphill struggle
I’m going to face.
But every step I take
Is a step closer to the top.

I’m determined to do this and achieve my goal;
To climb to the top
Every step I take is one step closer.

I know it’s going to be an uphill battle
And the struggles I’m going to face
But I’m going to keep my hope,
I am so determined to do this.