All in the Mind:

Spectrum People won BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind mental health group award in June 2021. There were more than 1100 entries for the All in the Mind awards.

The entire team are proud as is Dawn Bland, one of our beneficiaries. She nominated us for this award. Massive thank you to Dawn for nominating us.

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Media that Spectrum People produced/co-produces:

Reflections perform at Festival of the Moon – Reflections perform ‘she’s so serene’ at Festival of the moon; 15Oct2019,

VCSE Wakefield – Social Prescribing – This discusses the impact that social prescribing has on the community; 7Jan2020

Art therapy – Safer Communities Fund – Leanne Warren talks about the benefits of art therapy and successfully gaining funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner Safer Communities Fund; 10Sep2020

A Spectrum of Angels – Tina Dransfield talks about a project funded by Creative Minds, which was designed to bring the community together during lockdowns in 2020; 10Sep2020

Facts, Fears and Fiction – Young people in Agbrigg spread a message to the community to encourage people to have COVID vaccines. This was co-produced with Co-Active Arts; 22June21

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Media that other people made that we were involved in:

Introduction to Appletree Community Garden – Appletree Co-ordinator, Matt Gordon, introduces the garden and tells us about how people who visit, volunteer or work benefit from Appletree Community Garden; 20Sep18

Expert Link – Wake Up Wakefield

Wakefield VCS organisations took part in “Being the Difference” training. It is an emotional plea for better and more joined up mental health support within Wakefield. Some subjects discussed in the video may be triggering; 20Nov2018

Together and Apart Exhibition – Shows the impact of art therapy and Appletree Community Garden (green space); 2June21

Appletree Community Garden – portrait of Spectrum People; 2June21

Dawn Bland Q & A – a Q & A with one of our beneficiaries, Dawn Bland, for the September Artwalk; 29Sep21