About Spectrum People

Spectrum People is the independent charity (UK Registered Charity No 1152437) set up in February 2013 by Spectrum Community Health CIC. After an initial 18 months, Spectrum People has developed and led many successful activities since 2015.

Spectrum People provides meaningful activities and support for vulnerable adults and young people across the Wakefield district, helping these individuals overcome the barriers in their lives. Working with partner organisations, our projects and events give access to:

  • Safe community spaces providing friendship and support eg Appletree Community Garden and Wakefield Safe Space
  • Recreational activities aimed at building self-esteem, confidence, and life skills. These are geared to outdoor/green space and the arts
  • Support via Social Prescribing and Art Therapy
  • Information about wellbeing opportunities in the local area

We are also committed to raising awareness of factors which affect social inclusion for vulnerable people and working together to help them overcome these challenges.

Individuals who would benefit from Spectrum People’s opportunities tend to be excluded from society as a result of:

  • Alcohol, drugs and other addictions
  • Unemployment
  • Financial hardship
  • Homelessness
  • Disability, and poor mental or physical health in general
  • Previous criminal convictions
  • Their personal, social and/or economic position
  • Any combination of the above
  • Anyone that feels they would benefit from meaningful activities.

Meaningful activities help improve wellbeing and therefore vulnerability. We aim to help individuals find and develop skills and experience, forming friendships to help them find new opportunities and strengthen their self-esteem.

The charity also aims to support the individual’s family and friend networks and help local communities recognise their strength, power and ability to support each other.

You can become involved in our work by volunteering or making a donation.

Spectrum People is governed by our Board of Trustees who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the charity. Spectrum People has strong team of dedicated volunteers and workers, who together aim to improve people’s lives.

Spectrum People Opportunities

The charity currently offers a wide range of opportunities that beneficiaries can access on an ongoing basis.

  • Appletree Community Garden in Agbrigg, Wakefield
  • Art Therapy
  • Social Prescribing
  • Suicide Prevention training
  • Make Every Contact Count (MECC) training
  • Bespoke activities
  • Wakefield Safe Space

Find out more about these opportunities here.