Spectrum leads Wakefield WY-FI

​​​​​​​After receiving 12 months of funding through Wakefield Council, Spectrum is now leading Wakefield WY-FI.

What is WY-FI?

West Yorkshire: Finding Independence (WYFI) launched in 2014, aiming to support vulnerable people who faced barriers in accessing services. Originally funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, the project linked agencies across the county to help service users access healthcare, housing, recovery, mental health support and much, much more.

  • WY-FI has supported over 800 adults since 2014
  • Around 95% of service users had either three or four HARM factors when they began engaging
  • Just under one-third of service users had a long-term health problem or disability

By December 2019, 90% of beneficiaries supported through WY-FI had successfully exited the service.

Leading in Wakefield

So going forward, what will change? Previously, WY-FI was led regionally by organisations which each covered a different area: Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees and Calderdale – Spectrum was responsible for managing the project in Wakefield.

From June 2020, we are continuing with new funding from Wakefield Council. Renamed as Wakefield WY-FI, we accept referrals for vulnerable adults who are not engaging with support services and who meet at least three of the following criteria:

  • Homelessness
  • Addiction
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Reoffending
  • Mental ill health

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We have introduced ‘domestic abuse’ as a new criterion for WY-FI referrals, building on recent partnership work across the District. Over the next 12 months, Wakefield WY-FI will support more vulnerable adults towards independence, eventually ‘navigating’ them out of the Project and towards community care.

Find out more about the project online.