Spectrum launches Consent campaign for Sexual Health Week

During Sexual Health Week, a national campaign led by the Family Planning Association (FPA), Spectrum Community Health is raising awareness of the important topic of ‘consent’. The campaign runs from Monday 24th September until Sunday 30th September.

Consent Crossroads’ is a local campaign by Spectrum to support people to seek consent correctly and understanding the meaning of “yes” and “no”. This includes understanding non-verbal signals that can sometimes feel like a grey area. An online campaign page has been setup to guide the public on what might constitute “Yes” and “No” responses, what to do if people feel unsure, a help page with links to other support organisations, a consent quiz (testing people’s understanding of consent) and a powerful true story ‘Sophie Said No’, which addresses some of the issues with non-consent and how it can impact people. Information and activities can be accessed on Spectrum’s website www.sexual-health.co.uk.

Spectrum’s Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) team will deliver a number of lessons into schools during Sexual Health Week to classes of up to 30 young people across Wakefield, Barnsley and Wigan and Leigh.

Andi Cope, Spectrum’s RSE Programme Lead said:

“The Spectrum Relationships and Sex Education Programme contains very important content on sexual violence, sexual harassment and consent so we are delighted that Sexual Health Week 2018 focuses on our local priorities. Young people can be extremely vulnerable and so encouraging confidence and conversation around consent is the basis of building the skills needed to navigate the seeking and giving of consent.”

Spectrum is also highlighting the importance of consent for vulnerable adults and those facing domestic abuse. Spectrum’s Campaign truck will be in Barnsley on Wednesday 26th September, so members of the public to learn more about consent, as well as have private discussions with anyone who has concerns. Also at our campaigns vehicle will be Barnsley Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Services (bsarcs), Barnsley Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS) and Targeted Youth Support teams. The online help page signposts to support groups for anyone who is at risk.

Belinda Loftus, Cluster Head of Spectrum’s Sexual Health Services said:

“We are happy to support Sexual Health Week 2018 as consent is an important part of any sexual relationship. Nobody should feel pressured into sexual activity if they are feeling unsure and Spectrum can signpost people to partner organisations if they need help. If anyone wants to test their understanding of consent, the Consent quiz is available on our website.”

You can follow our consent Crossroads Campaign activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by following @spectrumsharp

More information can be found on www.sexual-health.co.uk

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding this campaign please email pr@spectrum-cic.nhs.uk