Spectrum continues PrEP Impact trial in Barnsley

Spectrum sexual health services in Barnsley are continuing a national PrEP ‘Impact’ trial which supports patients to protect themselves from HIV.

Aimed at men and women who may be at high risk of HIV infection, the trial began in 2019 with 40 spaces available in Barnsley. Patient groups recruited for the trial include:

  • HIV negative men and transwomen who have unprotected sex with men
  • HIV negative people with HIV positive partners who are not yet on effective treatment, and
  • HIV negative individuals at a high risk of acquiring HIV

Patients who sign up to take part in the Impact trial can access a pill which is taken before sex to minimise the risk of exposure to HIV. PrEP has proven to be extremely effective when used properly. One year into trial, Gateway Clinic has been oversubscribed in the first patient group but has 2 places available for people in the “women and other groups” categories, mirroring the national picture.

Demand for PrEP

PrEP is not available through the NHS but this trial has been designed to establish demand for PrEP and explore its effect on the incidence of HIV. It is delivered jointly by NHS England and Public Health England. In Barnsley, local residents can use the online PrEP tool to see if they might be eligible to take part. The Impact trial will end in October 2020.