Spectrum attends the Wakefield District Frailty and Resilience Conference

Spectrum’s Alcohol Liaison Service (ALS) will join Age UK Wakefield District and other local healthcare partners at the Frailty and Resilience Conference on 16 March.

Led by Age UK Wakefield District, this year’s Conference aims to encourage discussion of issues surrounding frailty, particularly the recognition of frailty as a long-term condition affecting people in later life. ‘Frailty’ can be difficult to define, but can broadly understood as a loss of physical resilience over time. It is commonly seen in older patients, but not all frail people are elderly. One marker used by researchers, known as the Frailty Index, also identifies factors such as likeliness of falls and slower recovery from injuries to be characteristic of frailty.

Guests attending the conference will hear from visiting speakers, and Spectrum’s Alcohol Liaison team will lead a 40-minute workshop on safer drinking among older people during the afternoon.