Sexual Health Week 2016

Spectrum’s sexual health teams have been on the move throughout September, promoting Sexual Health Awareness Week at sixth-form colleges across Wakefield and Barnsley.

This year’s Sexual Health Week campaign was organised by the sex education charity Family Planning Association (FPA), emphasising a “back to basics” approach to STI awareness and encouraging providers to drive education on STI symptoms and testing.

Sexual Health Awareness Week encourages open discussion about sexual health issues among young people, including access to a range of different contraception methods and information about safe sex. This year’s campaign also coincided with Freshers Week in Wakefield and Barnsley, where students can find information about local healthcare support services.

Wakefield Sexual Health teams made a trip over to Wakefield College on 12 September to promote Trinity Walk Clinic, handing out leaflets encouraging patients to be tested for STI’s. Spectrum also spread the message on social media, shedding light on lesser known infections such as syphilis and gonorrhoea which can cause long-term damage if left undetected.

Spectrum Outreach teams based at Gateway Clinic paid a visit to Barnsley College on 14 September – targeting the largest education centre in the district. Thankyou everyone!

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