Do you have a problem?

Many people drink alcohol occasionally and describe themselves as “social drinkers”. This means that recognising when you might have a problem with alcohol can be difficult. You might become concerned about your drinking if:

  • You’ve noticed that alcohol is beginning to affect your behaviour or memory
  • Your drinking is beginning to impact on other areas of your life, including your friends and family
  • Other people may have noticed that you’re drinking more than usual
  • There are changes to your typical drinking behaviours
  • You seem to be drinking more than your peers 
  • You’re beginning to experience symptoms of alcohol-related health harms

You don’t need to be drinking heavily or “dependently” to be at risk – over time, drinking beyond the safe recommended limits can increase your risk of harm at any age. Find out more about harmful and dependent drinking below.

Spectrum works across many areas in the North of England to provide free, tailored support for people struggling with drugs and alcohol.

  • In York, we provide substance misuse services as York Drug & Alcohol Service.
  • Across North Yorkshire and the North East region
  • In Wakefield as Inspiring Recovery
  • Spectrum also provides inpatient alcohol services in the Wakefield District.

Click the links below to find contact details for your local clinic, or email PR@spectrum-cic.,