Could you be at risk of dependency?

If you find it very difficult to enjoy yourself or relax without having a drink, you could have become dependent on alcohol.

There are varying degrees of alcohol dependence and they don’t always involve excessive levels of drinking. If you find that you ‘need’ to share a bottle of wine with your partner most nights of the week, or always go for a few pints after work, you’re likely to be drinking at a level that could affect your long-term health.

However, serious alcohol dependence can also have physical symptoms and put you at risk of withdrawal symptoms, such as sweating, shaking and nausea when your blood alcohol level falls. If you think you might be dependent on alcohol, Spectrum’s substance misuse services can help you. Our teams provide:

  • Clinical support with alcohol detoxification
  • Medication to help reduce the risk of withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse
  • Telephone and 1:1 support throughout detox
  • Follow-up support to maintain your recovery

If you’re worried about your drinking, please contact:

  • Inspiring Recovery, Wakefield: 0300 123 1912

  • York Drug and Alcohol Service: 01904 464680

  • North Yorkshire Horizons: 01723 330730

  • County Durham Drug and Alcohol Service: 03000 266 666