Currently our Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) team provide lessons to young people across the Wakefield, Barnsley and Wigan and Leigh districts.

Please find below details of lessons, how we measure effectiveness and testimonials from current schools we work with.

Spectrum RSE Lessons

Lesson are planned and designed by our experienced team of facilitators who have extensive experience in the classroom and with youth engagement.  All lessons provide a high quality and outstanding learning experience where knowledge is gained and measured in every session and meet the National Curriculum recommendations for RSE meeting the new standards for statutory status to be implemented in 2020 .

Spectrum’s lessons use evidenced based behaviour change techniques which are underpinned with local data around social norms, teenage pregnancy and STIs to make the information up to date and relevant. Group work tasks, discussion, interactive PowerPoint, film clips, quizzes and Q&A opportunities sets an informal environment yet provides a high level of challenge for each student.

All lesson plans, activities and resources have been rigorously scrutinised by the young people prior to delivery and session plans are continuously adapted to reflect youth culture.

Measuring the effectiveness of RSE

Schools receive their own specific Spectrum RSE data in chart form along with a brief analysis of how their perception of knowledge and actual knowledge develops throughout the course.  All outstanding lessons should have tasks which show excellent improvement and be delivered in a dynamic and enthusiastic way. Spectrum is committed to providing outstanding, high quality education in a way that engages the students and is meaningful to them beyond the classroom and into adult life.

Example data; Question; Can you name the specialist clinics that you would go to locally if you were worried about relationships, consent, sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy?

Before the session 4% out of 82 students could name a specialist clinic compared with 100% of 74 students after the course.