Currently our Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) team provide lessons to young people across the Wakefield, Barnsley and Wigan and Leigh districts.

Please find below details of lessons, how we measure effectiveness and testimonials from current schools we work with.

Spectrum RSE Lessons

Lesson are planned and designed by our experienced team of facilitators who have extensive experience in the classroom and with youth engagement.  All lessons provide a high quality and outstanding learning experience where knowledge is gained and measured in every session and meet the National Curriculum recommendations for RSE meeting the new standards for statutory status to be implemented in 2020 .

Spectrum’s lessons use evidenced based behaviour change techniques which are underpinned with local data around social norms, teenage pregnancy and STIs to make the information up to date and relevant. Group work tasks, discussion, interactive PowerPoint, film clips, quizzes and Q&A opportunities sets an informal environment yet provides a high level of challenge for each student.

All lesson plans, activities and resources have been rigorously scrutinised by the young people prior to delivery and session plans are continuously adapted to reflect youth culture.

Measuring the effectiveness of RSE

Schools receive their own specific Spectrum RSE data in chart form along with a brief analysis of how their perception of knowledge and actual knowledge develops throughout the course.  All outstanding lessons should have tasks which show excellent improvement and be delivered in a dynamic and enthusiastic way. Spectrum is committed to providing outstanding, high quality education in a way that engages the students and is meaningful to them beyond the classroom and into adult life.

Example data; Question; Can you name the specialist clinics that you would go to locally if you were worried about relationships, consent, sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy?

Before the session 4% out of 82 students could name a specialist clinic compared with 100% of 74 students after the course.

Thank you Andi for always delivering such high quality RSE lessons at Castleford Academy. You lead your team efficiently, and therefore have always been extremely supportive and accommodating to our needs as a school. Nothing is ever too much, and we appreciate all the advice you have ever given us. PSHE would not be the same at our school without you.

Castleford Academy

“We have benefited so much from having Spectrum in Kettlethorpe High School. I have (as well as the staff and students) always been impressed with the way the lessons are taught and the up to date information presented. The evidence is not just anecdotal – children record this feedback at the end of the year.

“We have used Spectrum for our Key Stage 3 RSE delivery programme for about 6 years now and intend to do so in the future.”

Kettlethrope High School

“I would like to say on behalf of the Priory Centre  PRU that Spectrum provide an invaluable  service  to our vulnerable  students,  in the form of SRE education, issuing c cards and making students aware of local clinics and services  that are available  to them. These lessons are always delivered in a professional manner but at the same time very accessible to our students with complex needs.”

The Priory Centre

“Spectrum provides an invaluable teaching scheme for SRE lessons. The delivery of these lessons to our Year 10’s is always engaging and progressive. Lessons which cover what can be a sensitive issue are taught in a relaxed and confident manner. Our pupils always respond in a very positive manner to both Stephen and Andi, who in still confidence in the students to allow them to respond in a personal manner.

“Having a guest speaker (rather than their teacher) deliver a series of lessons on SRE will always be a benefit to the students, allowing them the opportunity to ask questions that may not have been directed to their teacher.

“Spectrum also provides assistance to the school during ‘parent and pupil awareness evenings’. Parental response about the evening is extremely positive and opens up communication between children and parents.”

Silcoates School

“Horbury Academy has always valued the input from Spectrum and its staff.  The SRE sessions delivered to our students are of a very high standard and they engage and inform our students.  Our students’ value input on this topic from professionals as they feel they can trust the information to be accurate and talking to professionals is easier for many of them rather than having the embarrassment of the teacher leading the sessions.”

Horbury Academy

“The Kings School have been working with Spectrum for a number of years now, and very much appreciates the work that has been done. Andi and her team deliver SRE lessons to our Yr9 students each year. This delivery is invaluable to us, as it forms a vital of our PSHE curriculum. The students really enjoy the sessions, and judging by the evaluation forms that they complete, they also learn a great deal. We feel that having this information being delivered by Spectrum (as opposed to our own staff) is very important as we know that the students are being given factual, up to date information by specialists in this field. I hope that we can continue to work with Spectrum for a very long time.”

Kings Academy