Spectrum delivers Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) lessons to approximately 20,000 young people in the Wakefield District and now we have extended the service to the Barnsley District.

Relationship & Sex Education (RSE)

We work with the vast majority of schools and colleges to provide an innovative learning platform that really engages and involves young people. Spectrum has had the pleasure of delivering 799 lessons during the school year 2013-2014 to approximately 20,000 young people. In Wakefield, our RSE team is able to provide a robust and tested prevention strategy for RSE that is well respected and utilised by schools and that is contributing to a reduction of teenage conceptions and infections rates.

Before running our RSE school sessions, 19% knew no contraceptive methods at all, compared with after the course, 100% knowing at least two or more forms of contraception; 83% of students were able to name five or more methods of contraception.

Spectrum’s innovative approach of building content year on year, in an incremental and age-appropriate way, is possible due to local schools fully supporting the programme and encouraging maximum access to the students throughout their time at secondary school.

Spectrum has also provided four high profile sexual health days for all Yr 8 students to increase awareness of RSE earlier as a way of building momentum towards our planned lessons later in school life. Each health day is supported by our mobile health and wellbeing unit, which provides an exciting, ‘out-of-classroom’ lesson environment for pupils and students. We make use of an on-board room that has been converted into a young person’s bedroom, to demonstrate hazards that may affect good sexual health.

Feedback has been extremely high with 98% of pupils feeling that they had improved their knowledge of the subjects discussed within the session.