Currently our RSE team provide lessons to approximately more than 20,000 young people across the Wakefield, Barnsley and Wigan and Leigh districts.

Spectrum’s innovative approach of building content year on year, in an incremental and age-appropriate way, is possible due to local schools fully supporting the programme and encouraging maximum access to the students throughout their time at secondary school.

The Spectrum RSE Programme won the Pamela Sheridan Award for Sexual Health in 2015. The programme was also shortlisted for the Patient Safety Awards in 2016.

Spectrum RSE Programme Success

Statistics show that before a Spectrum RSE lesson 19% knew no contraceptive methods at all, compared with after the course, 100% knowing at least two or more forms of contraception. 83% of students were able to name five or more methods of contraception.

Feedback since has been extremely high with 98% of pupils feeling that they had improved their knowledge of the subjects discussed within the session.

We understand the challenges on schools to provide high quality relationship and sex education that draws from evidence-based strategies for behaviour change and locally-focused resources that have been designed with and by the young people. Our team has established a well-respected and utilised, developmental RSE programme that supports schools in delivering the recommended specialist elements of the PSHE curriculum, which is underpinned by a Risk and Resilience framework. This prevention tool is highly regarded by students and staff.

We work proactively with all secondary schools, pupil referral units and Youth Offending Teams to provide relationships and sex education training and services (RSE) to young people. We also provide schools with a prevention strategy for RSE that contributes to a proven reduction of teenage pregnancy since 2008, and a reduction in positive diagnosis rates for Chlamydia in under 25’s, demonstrating an improving picture for local sexual health.

The National Curriculum recommendations for PSHE and supplementary guidance issued to schools in 2013 put a focus on relationship and sex education at the end of Key stage 3. To support schools with the provision of the specialist elements of this curriculum, Spectrum places our main delivery of input within Year 9 as the basis of our core offer to all schools.

For information, lesson outcomes and further strategic information please contact Spectrum’s RSE Lead, Andi Cope on

Winners: UK Sexual Health Awards

Working with our healthcare team at HMP & YOI Styal, we adapted our successful RSE Programme aimed at young people in schools, to work with vulnerable women in prison, who have had little exposure to this education. This led to the team winning the Pamela Sheridan vategory at the Brook/Family Planning Association’s UK Sexual Health Awards in 2015.

Spectrum, lead healthcare provider at HMP & YOI Styal (a female prison in the North West) introduced the very first RSE programme in a prison setting.

The programme reduced risk and improved resilience around sexual health by empowering the female prisoners. Packed with advice, support and bespoke materials to encourage prisoners to make positive and informed choices, the programme targets vulnerable residents, including those with substance misuse issues, special needs, any history of domestic abuse, violence, or involvement within the sex trade or residents who have special needs. Many of the women had dropped out from school in earlier life and had no prior knowledge of sexual health issues or education.

Being held in a secure environment meant that tradiitonal tools could not be used to deliver the RSE programme – security restrictions meant that the team had to be more creative and innovative. The learning and practise developed can be applied in a variety of different environments.

The RSE programme also has implications with community based services, as the female prisoners, who are often on short term sentences, return to society and support is needed to continue.

The programme has a high success rate with a waiting list for sessions.