Holiday PrEP

Consider Holiday PrEP before a pre-planned block of time when your risk of exposure to HIV will be higher due to:

  • an increased number of partners of unknown HIV status
  • situations where condoms are not easily or always used
  • where substances might be used including drugs and alcohol
  • having sex while travelling in countries where there is a high risk of HIV

Holiday PrEP is suitable for both anal and vaginal or frontal sex.

Based on a 7-day period (or holiday) we recommend 7-7-7:

  • 7 days daily dosing before the period
  • 7 days daily dosing during the period (or for as long as the specific period lasts)
  • 7 days daily dosing after the period.

We recommend 7 days of PrEP before and after your last sexual encounter for several reasons:

  • 7 days lead-in provides adequate levels for both anal and vaginal or frontal sex.
  • If you’re planning PrEP around a holiday or working trip away and you experience any mild side effects (most people do not experience any side effects) then most of these should have subsided within a week, in time for the pre-planned block of time.