Pre-exposure prophylaxis

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a drug taken by HIV-negative people before sex that reduces the risk of getting HIV. It works by blocking HIV before it gets into the body and has the chance to infect you. Find out more information about this drug and where to get it on the Terrence Higgins Trust website.

Condoms will reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections when using correctly during vaginal, anal and oral sex.

PrEP Impact Trial 2019

The PrEP impact trial is recruiting people across Wakefield and Barnsley who are at high risk of HIV. Those eligible can sign up to receive free medication to take before sex which aims to prevent the HIV infection.

Are you likely to be exposed to HIV?

If yes, you may be able to take part in the PrEP Impact Trial.

What is the aim of the study?

PrEP (HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) can reduce the risk of acquiring HIV when taken as instructed. We are conducting this study to see how PrEP could be prescribed in England.

Everyone who takes part will have access to PrEP.

Can you take part?

You can take part if:

  • you are over the age of 16
  • you are considered to be at high risk of HIV

You cannot take part if:

  • you have an illness that could be due to HIV, you would need to wait until it has been confirmed that you don’t have HIV
  • you are taking any medication that wouldn’t react well with PrEP

For more information please visit

You can also contact Spectrum:

Wakefield Integrated Sexual Health Clinic, Trinity Walk, 0800 121 4860

Barnsley Integrated Sexual Health Clinic, Gateway Plaza, 0800 0556442