In order to protect patients, staff and members of the public during the current outbreak of Coronavirus, Spectrum Community Health is now running a reduced service. These changes are in line with national guidance and are vital to ensure that vulnerable patients are protected from COVID-19.

Gateway Plaza Clinic is operating telephone appointments during the hours below.

For more information on our temporary reduction of service please click here.

Providers of sexual health services in Barnsley have altered the way care is provided during the pandemic, but they are still open and are providing telephone appointments and consultations. They may still be able to see you if you require urgent care. Further information, including opening times and contact details, are in the tabs below.

Experiencing symptoms of a STI?

The advice:

It is important to get advice if you are experiencing anything which isn’t normal for you such as discharge or pain.

Who to contact

  • Spectrum Barnsley Clinic (0800 0556442)
  • Your GP

Think you might have HIV?

The advice:

Testing for HIV can still be arranged.

Who to contact:

Online testing is available through or contact Spectrum Barnsley Clinic (0800 0556442)

You may also be able to arrange for a HIV test through your GP if you prefer.

 Had unprotected sex with someone who has HIV?

The Advice:

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is a preventative medication to take if you think you are at risk of contracting HIV. It must be started as soon as possible and definitely within 3 days of exposure.

Who to contact:

  • Spectrum Barnsley Clinic (0800 0556442)

If you have HIV and would like support

The advice:

You can still receive online and phone support.

Who to contact:

George House Trust can give support on 0161 274 4499 or

HIV patients are strongly advised to visit the British HIV association website which has extensive information on COVID-19 – BHIVA COVID-19 updates.

There is advice on the use of PREP at

Need condoms?

The Advice:

Condoms can still be purchased online, through your local pharmacy or supermarket. There are also free condoms available for specific groups.

Who to contact?

In addition to obtaining condoms from pharmacy or supermarkets:

If you are over 25, cannot access a pharmacy or supermarket and need condoms, ring Spectrum on 0800 0556442 or Sullivan Way Surgery 079744 90068

Spectrum Sexual Health Barnsley

Spectrum Sexual Health
Unit 1 Gateway Plaza,
Sackville Street
S70 2RD

Tel:0800 0556442

Depending on demand we may need to restrict these hours. Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Opening Hours

8.15am - 7.30pm Telephone Appointments Only
8.15am - 7.30pm Telephone Appointments Only
12.00pm - 20:00pm Telephone Appointments Only
8.15am - 7.30pm Telephone Appointments Only
8.15am - 4pm Telephone Appointments Only
9.00am - 1pm Telephone Appointments Only