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Due to the pandemic, some of our services have had to change. Our top priority is the safety of our patients and staff, so please contact us via telephone in the first instance – not in person.

~ All drop-in/walk-in services across all our clinics will stop temporarily. This includes the Youth Drop-In sessions, which will be done by telephone appointment instead of face-to-face. Ring the clinic at the start of the Youth Drop-In session (Wed 4pm) for a phone consultation appointment.

~ We are still delivering care by phone consultations – we have not closed. Our telephone lines for appointments open at 8:15am.

~ If you already have a face-to-face appointment, please ring us after 9am to check whether the clinic is still running.

Spectrum Sexual Health Service is still here for you, but we have had to adapt. With the situation ever-changing, follow us on social media for the latest updates. Thank you for your understanding.

Spectrum Sexual Health Barnsley

Spectrum Sexual Health
Unit 1 Gateway Plaza,
Sackville Street
S70 2RD
Tel: 0800 0556442

Depending on demand, we may need to restrict these hours. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Opening Hours

8:15am - 19:30pm Phone Appt. Only
8:15am - 19:30pm Phone Appt. Only
15:00pm - 20:00pm Phone Appt. Only
8:15am - 19:30pm Phone Appt. Only
8:15am - 16:00pm Phone Appt. Only
9:00am - 13:00pm Phone Appt. Only

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Did you know that you can self test for STIs? If you live in Barnsley and would like to request a self-testing kit, please press the button below.

We also have a page about COVID-19 treatment for people living with HIV:

Experiencing symptoms of a STI?

The advice:

It is important to get advice if you are experiencing anything which isn’t normal for you such as discharge or pain.

Who to contact

  • Spectrum Barnsley Clinic (0800 0556442)
  • Your GP

Think you might have HIV?

The advice:

Testing for HIV can still be arranged.

Who to contact:

Online testing is available through or contact Spectrum Barnsley Clinic (0800 0556442)

You may also be able to arrange for a HIV test through your GP if you prefer.

 Had unprotected sex with someone who has HIV?

The Advice:

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is a preventative medication to take if you think you are at risk of contracting HIV. It must be started as soon as possible and definitely within 3 days of exposure.

Who to contact:

  • Spectrum Barnsley Clinic (0800 0556442)

If you have HIV and would like support

The advice:

You can still receive online and phone support.

Who to contact:

George House Trust can give support on 0161 274 4499 or

HIV patients are strongly advised to visit the British HIV association website which has extensive information on COVID-19 – BHIVA COVID-19 updates.

There is advice on the use of PREP at

Need condoms?

The Advice:

Condoms can still be purchased online, through your local pharmacy or supermarket. There are also free condoms available for specific groups.

Who to contact?

In addition to obtaining condoms from pharmacy or supermarkets:

C-Card Collection Points OPEN TO ALL


  • Ashville Medical Practice – 01226 282280
  • Barnsley Academy (student only) – 01226 284606
  • Barnsley College Health & Wellbeing – 01226 216216 –
  • Barnsley College Science & Technology – 01226 216216 –
  • Barnsley College Wigfield Farm – 01226 216216 –
  • Barnsley College Honeywell Site – 01226 216216 –
  • Dearne Valley Practice (registered patients only) – 01709 886354
  • Denby Grange School (students only) – 01924 830096
  • Grimethorpe Surgery (registered patients only) – 01226 716809
  • Penistone Grammar School (students only) – 01226 762114

If you are over 25, cannot access a pharmacy or supermarket and need condoms, ring Spectrum on 0800 0556442