Diaphragms and Caps

Diaphragms and caps are barrier methods of contraception. They are inserted into the vagina before sex, and cover the cervix so that sperm can’t get into the womb (uterus). PLEASE NOTE Diaphragms and Caps are not as effective as other barrier methods – there is still a significant pregnancy risk with their use.

  1. Vaginal diaphragms are circular domes made of silicone with a flexible rim.
  2. Cervical caps are smaller and are made of silicone.

To be effective, diaphragms and caps should be used with a spermicide. Spermicide is a substance that kills sperm. It’s available in different forms, such as cream or gel. When using this form of contraception you only need to think about it before you have sex and can put a diaphragm/cap in several hours before you have sex.

Learn more about these methods of contraception in this leaflet and make an appointment to speak to a member of staff about your contraception options. Find your nearest clinic here.

REMEMBER: Condoms are the only contraception method to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Condoms can protect you from STIs such as syphilis and gonorrhoea, both of which have increased in the last couple of years.