After a tough 2020 stuck indoors, many people are dreaming of a holiday this year.

As the ‘Summer of Love’ approaches and the world begins to open up again, the one thing on our minds is how to ‘enjoy our summer break’.

People are beginning to get their independence back and want to explore their sexual freedom again. We want to encourage you to do this in a safe way.

Although international travel is opening up and becoming more viable, for some Brits, holidaying in Britain this summer may feel like the safer option.

Whether staying local or heading abroad, holidays often mean meeting new people and feeling free from social restraints, which can lead to increased sexual activity. So how do you have a fun-filled holiday whilst protecting your sexual health? Be prepared!

We want to make your ‘Staycation Summer’ a safe and pleasurable one, so as part of your holiday check-list why not add a few of these actions to your to do list:

  1. Contact a clinic for an STI test before going on holiday
  2. Pack plenty of condoms! 
  3. Carry a condom in your pocket/bag
  4. Get the right contraceptives to stay safe
  5. Research local pharmacies in the area you are staying in should you require emergency contraception, condoms or general guidance
  6. Visit a clinic for an STI test when you return

Most importantly we encourage you to enjoy your summer and remember we’re here for all your sexual health needs!