There are services available nationwide to help anyone who might be a victim of sexual abuse or rape.

  • NSPCC – National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Barnados – UK’s leading Children’s Charity
  • SARC – if you are the victim of a sexual assault, SARC services can help you
  • Survivors UK – help victims of male rape and sexual abuse
  • Support Line UK – Victims of rape and assault
  • Safeline – Working with victims of abuse
  • The Runaway helpline – If you are feeling like running away or are away from home
  • Crazy life – Taking action on issues surrounding rape and mental health
  • Rape Crisis Centre – Find your nearest one here

For details of organisations you can speak to in Wakefield, Barnsley and Wigan and Leigh please visit our page for Sexual Abuse and Rape support.