Following the changes to clinics over the past 2 years we now have a new system in place to ensure everyone gets the help they need from Spectrum CIC.

STI Testing

If you want to be tested for STIs you can either order test online or call your local clinic to organise an appointment.

Calling Clinic

If you want to be seen or speak to someone please call reception and we will discuss what action to take.

Please be aware that a high number of calls are taken in a morning and we are aware that it may be difficult to get through.

Your call is important to us and we appreciate it is difficult at times but please do keep trying and we will accommodate your needs as efficiently as possible.

We appreciate that sometimes all the appointment slots may have been taken for that day – our staff will offer you an alternative (which may include ringing the service back the next day if your condition is not urgent)

We do monitor calls that are coming into the service and you will be allocated a slot on the level of urgency of your problem.

If you are placed on our ‘telemedicine’ list please be aware we cannot guarantee when you will be called back by the clinician.

We appreciate that you may not be able to answer – we will call you twice, and if you do not answer we ask that you call the service back at a time that is convenient to you to reschedule a call back.