The CSE Development Programme

Spectrum Sexual Health service is commissioned to provide specifically designed educational group sessions to support young people in the Wakefield and Barnsley area.  The sessions are designed to support young people who are at potential risk of child sexual exploitation

Group sessions are ideally for groups of up to 6 young people, mixed or single gender, on a weekly basis, ideally for 6 consecutive weeks. Sessions can take place at schools, youth clubs, pupil referral units or other community settings.

Each session presents RESPECT values developed to support young people through topics; Relationships, Empowerment, Sexual Health, Positivity, Exploitation, Consent and Trust.

Overview of RESPECT content:-

RELATIONSHIPS – Healthy, unhealthy and coercive relationships

EMPOWERMENT – Understanding influences, resilience  and self-agency

SEXUAL HEALTH – Contraception, STI’s, accessing sexual health services and importance of condoms

POSITIVITY – Positive and safe use of social media

EXPLOITATION – Increasing knowledge of CSE, models, risks and refusing abusers approaches

CONSENT – Negotiating boundaries, consent and confidence to say NO

TRUST– Having a trusted adult, self-awareness and always having a ‘stay safe’ excuse

Spectrum’s CSE provision criteria:-

  • CSE support in Wakefield and Barnsley
  • 11-18 years old
  • Not currently receiving CSE support from Social Care or other agencies
  • Referrals from parents, carers, schools, PRU’s, Barnsley Integrated Sexual Health, Wakefield Integrated Sexual Health, Spectrum Relationship’s and Sex Education (RSE) team, youth groups, community groups or self-referrals
  • Verbal consent gained from young person and parent/carer

Prior to the first group session, the CSE worker would meet each young person on a one to one basis to introduce the programme and complete an initial assessment.

If further support was needed after the group sessions had finished, the CSE worker can offer one to one support and/or counselling as well as signposting to additional services.

If you require any further information or would like to refer a young person to our service, please contact When returning a referral form, please do so in a password-protected email,  with the password sent separately.