Safe Drinking Across Wakefield

On Monday 30th July our team of advisors joined forces with The Neighbourhood Policing Team, the Ben Manning Foundation and local nightspots to promote safe drinking throughout the City.

The special awareness event was planned in memory of popular teenager Ben Manning and helped us to offer revellers advice around alcohol, helping them to understand the risks associated with excessive drinking.

A few weeks ago we took to the city centre to invite parents to take a pledge that would promote responsible and sensible drinking. On Monday we invited those enjoying a night out to do the same. Yet again we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and pledges that we received.

Our pledges are simple and can help individuals to make the right decision when it comes to alcohol.

  • I won’t give in to peer pressure to drink
  • I will ask someone who knows if I’m not sure
  • I won’t accept a drink from someone I don’t know
  • I won’t drink just because my mates drink
  • I will think about my lifestyle
  • I will look after my friends

Can you take a pledge towards safe drinking too?

Go on, take a simple step towards a more responsible and sensible approach to alcohol.

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