Relationship and Risky Behaviour Takes Centre Stage

If we look back at our school days I am sure that we will all have some regrets about how we dealt with certain situations and issues, but would we have dealt with them differently if we were better informed or educated on issues that we face whilst ‘growing up’?

Our latest project, which recently launched within schools across the District, looked specifically at the decisions and issues that young people are faced with when it comes to risky behaviour and substance misuse during their teen years.

Alongside our partners, Yew Tree Arts, we developed a play called ‘Yearbook’ and a workshop which helped to introduce relationship and risky behaviour to year 7 students. The initiative looked specifically at issues around healthy choices and decision making and provided students with an example of some of the areas that they will be discussing as they move into older year groups.

Whilst theatre in education is not unusual we do believe that it is a really interesting and dynamic way to educate and discuss some very important and relevant issues with young people without them getting embarrassed. It also seems to allow them to become comfortable enough to join in the discussions without it feeling overtly personal.

More than 1400 students have been involved in this project and we’re looking forward to sharing their feedback with you over the coming weeks.

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