Raising awareness on Multiple Disadvantage Day

On 3rd July, Spectrum’s WY-FI Navigators will join 11 other organisations to mark the first ever Multiple Disadvantage Day – a day to recognise the challenges which face people with complex needs and raise awareness of support.

‘Multiple Disadvantage’ is the term used when a person experiences a combination of homelessness, addiction, re-offending or mental ill health all at the same time. These complex needs can make it difficult for someone to find support, as they sometimes struggle to engage consistently and services can consider their behaviour too challenging.

Many complex factors can contribute to someone’s experience of multiple disadvantage – including:

  • redundancy and job losses
  • family breakdown
  • bereavement
  • financial hardship
  • trauma

Yet even today, stigma around multiple needs creates a barrier for many adults seeking support.

Now, the Fulfilling Lives Programme is launching Multiple Disadvantage Day to spark conversations about vulnerable adults. The partnership is sharing true stories from service users as a way of raising awareness and encouraging more people to ‘see the full picture’ behind multiple disadvantage.

In Wakefield, our WY-FI Navigators work with vulnerable adults to help them find the right support in the community, attend appointments and work towards a more independent life. Find out more.