Protect your sexual ‘elf over the Christmas period

Protect your sexual ‘elf over the Christmas period

In the run up to Christmas,remember that alcohol can cloud your judgement when it comes to safe sex.  With festivities such as Mad Friday and Christmas parties, people can stay safe over the Christmas period – with the following advice to protect their sexual ‘elf!

Alcohol can affect a person’s judgement in certain situations – meaning they might take more risks such as not using a condom. To stay in line with the recommended 14 weekly alcohol units, Spectrum is promoting ‘‘Elf control’ which encourages party-goers to maintain control and make sensible drinking choices. Other top tips include:

  • ‘Wrap up’ – use condoms to protect from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy
  • ‘Sleigh STIs’ – visit a clinic for testing and treatment after unprotected sex
  • ‘Fill your stockings’ – so people have enough condoms and contraception before Spectrum’s sexual health clinic closes for the holidays.

Mark Rowe, Head of Service at Spectrum’s sexual health service in Wakefield said:

“Alcohol can put people in vulnerable situations and when it comes to sex, if you’re drunk, you’re less likely to be thinking clearly enough to talk about using condoms or how to use them properly. During the Christmas period if you’re out celebrating, don’t forget to carry condoms. If you find yourself in a sexual situation with someone, it’s better to be prepared as condoms are the only way to protect against sexually transmitted infections. If you have unprotected sex, our clinics offer quick, simple and free STI tests which will put your mind at ease and if necessary, you can receive the right treatment as soon as possible.

“To ensure everyone has access to Spectrum sexual health services over Christmas, please refer to our festive opening times* on the Spectrum website. If you require advice when the clinic is closed please visit our urgent treatment page for support or call NHS 111.”

Spectrum’s Sexual Health clinics in Wakefield, Barnsley and Wigan and Leigh will slightly alter their opening times over Christmas with full day closures on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

More details on staying safe during Christmas festivities can be found online by visiting

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