Our charity supports vulnerable adults with Wakefield Street Kitchen

Our charity Spectrum People kicked off 2020 with a new Council-funded project supporting Wakefield Street Kitchen, a community kitchen which provides hot food and toiletries to vulnerable people and families.

Over the past eight weeks we have seen 865 attendances at the Street Kitchen, including throughout cold, wet and windy evenings. Spectrum People has also provided additional support through:

  • Finding accommodation – that night – for a homeless female at risk of domestic violence
  • Signposting a male who had no recourse to public funds to City of Sanctuary.

The Street Kitchen

Wakefield Street Kitchen is a volunteer-led project which operates in the city centre every Wednesday from 6pm. It provides hot meals, pastries, snacks, sandwiches, clothing and toiletries for vulnerable adults, all donated by local residents and businesses. Tents and sleeping bags are provided for homeless adults and all supplies are free for anyone who needs them. Wakefield Street Kitchen also works alongside the Samaritans and Street Paws, giving advice, support and free pet care for those in need.

Spectrum People gave additional information by creating small cards which list contact details of support organisations, including healthcare, foodbanks, financial support, mental health, housing, City of Sanctuary and the Street Support Network. This is an online platform provided by Wakefield Council to highlight helpful information and support in the local area. Working together The charity’s team over the past 8 weeks includes James Howe from WYFI (West Yorkshire Finding Independence), with Matt Heald, Preventing Rough Sleeping Model Coordinator, and Linda Fielding from City of Sanctuary.

Our charity volunteers Dawn and Chris have also helped to provide understanding through sharing their lived experience. This project has allowed us to engage with new beneficiaries and re-engage with our harder to reach beneficiaries. Over the 8 weeks we have seen attendee numbers ranging from 90 to 155.

During half term 14 families also accessed the street kitchen, showing that this is a much-needed provision within Wakefield. Every week the many partners and volunteers provide a safe and calm venue for many vulnerable people to access.