Positive about Disabled People

As an employee-led organisation we are committed to providing new and existing employees with the same equal opportunities to working at our company.

As an Equal Opportunities employer we have been awarded use of the symbol and our obligation to the commitments of the ‘Two Ticks Scheme’.

This scheme ensures we continue to be positive and committed in ensuring that disabled people are supported by us as an employer and treated fairly through every stage of their application and the selection process.

Our obligations under the scheme and the Single Equality Act mean that we will take regular action against the following five commitments of the scheme itself:

  • We will always guarantee an interview to any disabled applicant who meets the essential criteria as outlined in the person specification of the post.
  • That our disabled employees are consulted with on an annual basis to ensure they are able to develop and use their abilities whilst at work.
  • For any employee who becomes disabled whilst employed with us will be retained in their employment with us.
  • To make every effort when an employee becomes disabled to retain them in employment with the company.
  • To always improve our knowledge in ensuring that key employees develop the awareness of disability required to make the above commitments work effectively.
  • We will always undertake and make any reasonable adjustments that will support our post applicants during their interview process and when they become an employee.
  • To review our ongoing commitments each year to check on achievements, plan improvements and to be able to advise employees about any progress and future plans.