As we grow, we have new teams joining the Spectrum family and, along with them, new partners and new networks. We don’t impose our own ‘ideals’ upon our incoming colleagues but involve them with the development of our services, allowing our staff to bring forward their suggestions and take advantage of these opportunities to improve our practises.

Our Culture

Spectrum has its own set of values, developed with our staff and by our staff. These foundations are the blueprint for a workforce that is dedicated, empowered and encouraged to innovate for the benefit of our patients and service users. We are committed to ‘being better than the best’ and putting patient care at the centre of all we do. As a Community Interest Company, we are clinically and employee-led, with a not-for-profit focus.

We operate a ‘no-blame’ culture, which is balanced with excellent governance frameworks. This allows us to be a learning organisation, that isn’t held back by ‘doing the same thing we have always done’ but learns from incidents and builds upon our collective expertise within the health and wellbeing environment. We always have an eye on quality, safeguarding and ensuring that our working practices conform to national standards, as well as our organisational standards. This ensures that we are in a position to meet our objective of ‘Growth, without compromise on Quality or Social Value.’

We recognise that, together, we have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience at Spectrum. Many of our staff come from different backgrounds (eg. NHS, community, secure environments, public sector etc) and this diversity creates a rich mix of views and ideas that allow us to work innovatively and efficiently. We welcome our staff to work together in their teams, or with teams from different business units, or with our partner organisations and networks, to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients and service users.

All of these things amount to the building blocks of Employee Engagement & Leadership – which is about putting staff at the heart of decision-making, at all levels of the business: Board, management and business units. The views and concerns of staff are taken into account when making decisions that affect service delivery and the direction of the organisation.

At Spectrum, there are a number of ways in which this happens. Team Briefs provide opportunities for staff to speak to their Executive Team on a range of topics; the Annual Meeting is a platform for employees to influence strategic business decisions; the Staff Survey provides valuable feedback from staff; and the Spectrum Council provides a ‘voice’ for employees across the whole organisation.

We are just as keen to provide support for our staff, as we are for our patients and service users. Workforce health and wellbeing is a key priority and we operate an ‘open door’ policy for staff to speak to any of our management team, including the Chief Executive and our Directors.

Finally, as our roots are within the NHS, we also uphold, within our culture, the NHS Constitutional Values. The Constitution is designed to make sure that healthcare services continue to be relevant to the needs of patients, the public and staff.