‘On the Road’ to recovery….

Shortly after our official launch we unveiled plans for Spectrum People, an initiative that we describe as a time and asset bank, in other words a way for people and businesses to volunteer their time and expertise to help our service users – individuals who need extra support and help on their journey to recovery […]

Drive To Support The Community

 Spectrum Community Health has launched a new initiative to engage its service users, local residents and businesses to support the health and well-being of the wider community. SpectrumPeople is a time and asset bank. It enables individuals and businesses to contribute their time, expertise and skills in a bid to engage with and give something back to […]

How Many Units in Your Drink?

This week Prime Minister David Cameron has called upon bars, supermarkets and the drinks industry in England to work harder at ensuring responsible drinking. Currently, the NHS spends £2.7billion a year on dealing with alcohol-related conditions, which includes £1billion on treating drinkers who end up in A&E after a heavy drinking session on a night […]