New Couples encouraged to “Test Together” to avoid STIs

New Couples encouraged to “Test Together” to avoid STIs

Spectrum Sexual Health services are encouraging new couples to ‘Test Together’ for a sexual health check and avoid symptoms of undiagnosed STIs.

STI testing at the start of a new relationship could prevent couples from discovering STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea further down the line and helps open up a more honest conversation about sex.

Discovering STIs further into a relationship makes them more difficult to treat and can increase the risk of infections spreading to the reproductive organs,  potentially leading to long-term conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), epididymo-orchitis (inflammation of the testicles) and infertility.

Belinda Loftus, Cluster Manager for Spectrum Sexual Health Services, said: “We are inviting couples into clinic to support each other and receive testing and treatment for STIs as soon as possible. Sexual health is part of overall healthcare and so should be talked about with partners who could be at risk.”

“We strongly advise that new couples use condoms to protect against STIs before they’re tested and also to reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancy. A Spectrum professional can offer advice on the different contraception methods available such as long-acting reversible contraception  – the most reliable for those who aren’t planning on becoming pregnant.”


Visiting a clinic and taking responsibility for sexual health is no different to visiting the doctor because you are ill or are worried about a health condition. Visit the campaign page at for more information and to find your nearest Spectrum clinic.

For urgent treatment or emergency contraception (the morning after pill) you can call the Wakefield clinic on 0800 121 4860, Barnsley clinic on 0800 0556442 or Wigan clinic on 01942 483188.