Build the Future: National Apprenticeship Week

It’s National Apprenticeship Week! To support the national ‘Build the Future’ Apprenticeship campaign, Spectrum will be sharing information about all things apprenticeship this week – including showcasing some of our own apprentices and sharing information about national and NHS pathways.

So what are Apprenticeships? Apprenticeships are learning opportunities which can help you to develop further in your career and gain a formal qualification. Apprenticeships combine work-based learning with study and are funded through the Apprenticeship Levy.

Spectrum currently supports around 65 apprenticeships across our services, from Nurse Associates to apprentices in Administration and Advanced Clinical Practitioners. No matter what your skills or previous training, there’s an apprenticeship for you. You can change career, retrain and even get a degree through some apprenticeship courses.

  • In 2018-19 there were 742,400 people taking part in apprenticeships in England.
  • Most courses take between 1 and 4 years, depending on the training level.

Here are some of our current Apprentices.


What is your name and which Apprenticeship are you doing?

I’m Samantha, I’m 33, currently doing Nursing Associate apprenticeship which is a Foundation Degree for 2 years.

Why did you choose your specific apprenticeship?

 I chose this course because I want to progress in my current role, and hopefully go on to do nursing. By completing this course, I would only need to do a ‘top up’ course in nursing (which is 1.5 years) to then be a qualified RGN. Read Samantha’s story.


What is your name and which Apprenticeship are you doing?
I’m Lesley and I’m doing the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship Degree, it’s two years long and I am currently 49! (never too old to learn)

Why did you choose that Apprenticeship?
I wanted to do the course for career progression, to challenge myself to study and get a degree – better late than never at all. Read Lesley’s story.



What is your name and which Apprenticeship are you doing?

I’m Lewis, I’ve completed the Level 5 Certificate in Operational Leadership and Management (completed in July 2020) as part of the Administration apprenticeship. It is an 18-month course.

Why did you choose your specific apprenticeship?

I started this apprenticeship prior to  April 2020 and continued with Spectrum. I was in my first management role, and felt that this course would support me in making the transition from an assistant to an administration manager. Read Lewis’ apprenticeship story.