Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

From 8-14th  May, Spectrum is supporting Mental Health Awareness Week. This year’s theme, “Surviving or Thriving?” invites us to consider a wider understanding of mental wellbeing. This week, we’ll be spreading the message on social media about good mental health and sharing helpful tips you can follow at home and at work – including easy steps to boost wellbeing such as eating healthily, sleeping well and building up a support network of friends and family. To find out more, follow Spectrum on Twitter @SpectrumCIC and like our new Facebook page here.

We’re also shining a spotlight on five ways to wellbeing; simple ideas which can change the way you think about mental health.

Five Ways to Wellbeing

  • CONNECT – take the time to talk to people face to face
  • BE ACTIVE – exercise can help relieve stress and keep you focused
  • KEEP LEARNING – learning enhances self-esteem and helps set goals
  • GIVE – Giving to others is an easy way to boost your wellbeing
  • TAKE NOTICE – Be mindful of others and appreciate the moment

Mental health
How would you rate your mental health? The Mental Health Foundation have developed a wellbeing survey to help you give you a snapshot – try it for free to see where you could improve your wellbeing.