Love in lockdown: Valentine’s campaign

Valentine’s Day may look a little different this year – how we interact with each other, the way we celebrate the day and even the way we feel may be affected.

COVID-19 and lockdown can put a huge strain on relationships, but this Valentine’s day we’re making sure it’s still enjoyable in a safe, fun and COVID-FREE way.

This year, Spectrum’s Valentine’s campaign focuses on the ways to sustain a healthy relationship during the pandemic, provides contraception advice and encourages online STI testing. We’re also reminding everyone that Spectrum’s Sexual Health Services are still here to support and deliver the services that people have come to depend on. The campaign runs from 8th – 14th February and we will be delivering the key messages; Lockdown Love is…

  • BEING THERE FOR EACH OTHER – maintaining a healthy relationship in lockdown
  • PROTECTING THE ONE YOU LOVE – practicing safe sex and advice on contraception choices.
  • NO NASTY SURPRISES (STIs) – encouraging people to know their STI status with online STI testing.

We are  providing a number of resources to support the campaign including a dedicated campaign page offering advice on the different services we offer, a fun Emoji quiz, some fun E-Cards and top tips on celebrating Valentine’s Day during lockdown.

We’ll be promoting this campaign throughout the week and you can keep up to date with campaign activity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Please support this with likes , shares and retweets.