International Nurses Day – Tracey

Tracey, Matron

Day-to-day Role: I am responsible for ensuring that the nursing team are equipped with the skills they need to deliver safe effective care to our patients. I also engage with other partnership agencies ensuring that services link together to deliver appropriate care.

Through my role I also support patients with complex needs, working with partners to ensure that they get best care possible.

Career Highlights: Since qualifying in 1980, I have always worked in Primary Care, specialising in areas including Gastroenterology and Surgery. I received an award for Patient Experience in recognition of the support given to a patient who had been diagnosed with cancer.

In this case, I designed and implemented a suitable care package, worked with partners including Macmillan Cancer Support and also up-skilled the nursing team so that they could provide the required support during and after treatment.

What do I love about my job? Making a difference with vulnerable people.

When you work in a hospital environment you receive lots of ‘thank you’s’ but when you work in other environments with vulnerable people, it’s not a phrase that you often hear. But, when you do, you know that you have really achieved something and that’s a great feeling.

What nursing means to me: Everyone deserves to be treated the same, receiving the same level of healthcare no matter where they are. To me nursing is about enabling this and ensuring that individuals receive the best care possible to help them to function to their full capacity from a wellbeing and health point of view.

Nursing is also about care and compassion and often the best thing that we can offer our patients is our ability to listen.

What are you proud of? I’m really proud of my achievements in my nursing career and the fact that I am satisfied in what I have delivered and how I have worked. I am proud of the fact that people benefit from my work, that I can offer support and know that I can make a real difference.

Career in Nursing: If you love the idea of nursing you should really think about what area of nursing you would like to work in – there are so many roles and areas to specialise in you need to really think about what would be best for you.

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