Government launches new Drugs Strategy and Clinical Guidelines

The government has today launched it’s new Drug Strategythumbnail of Drug_strategy_2017, to reduce illicit drug use and increase the rate of individuals recovering from drug dependence.

Each year in the UK, drugs cost society £10.7 billion in policing, healthcare and crime, with drug-fuelled theft alone costing £6 billion a year. Research shows that for every £1 spent on treatment, an estimated £2.50 is saved.

In 2015/16, 2.7 million – over 8% – of 16-59-year-olds in England and Wales took illegal drugs.

The new strategy confronts these threats and sets out new action to protect the most vulnerable, including the homeless, victims of domestic abuse and those with mental health issues.

For more information, visit the government web page.

In addition, the Department of Health has issued the latest ‘Orange Book‘, giving guidance on how clinicians should treat people with drug misuse and drug dependence problems.

This 2017 version offers new guidelines on:

  • prison-based treatment
  • new psychoactive substances and club drugs
  • mental health co-morbidity
  • misuse of prescribed and over-the-counter medicines
  • stopping smoking
  • preventing drug-related deaths, including naloxone provision

The new guidelines also have a stronger emphasis on recovery and a holistic approach to the interventions that can support recovery.