Time to talk? New wellbeing group in North Yorkshire

Our North Yorkshire Horizons service has launched a Men’s Support Group in Scarborough.

The peer support group aims to provide a safe and confidential place to talk, raise self-confidence and share ideas and coping strategies.

Recovery Coordinator John Lawless set up the group to improve openness around mental health for men. He says: “Having had the personal experience of attending a male support group for my own wellbeing, I realised how much this sort of group is needed.”

“Mental health can be a taboo subject for a lot of men, so the fact that six male clients had the courage to walk through the door is amazing and has to be applauded. The feedback was great. Generally speaking, most thought it felt very comfortable for them and they felt it was easy to talk to each other, even though it was the launch of the group.”

John said many men bottle up feelings. Suicide is the biggest killer of men aged between 18 and 45.

He said: “Many men are generally expected and have been brought up to ‘just get on with it’ which has a very negative effect. This group lets our male clients know that they can talk about their issues – drug or alcohol related, or not. I believe this will have a positive impact on their substance or alcohol use.”

“You don’t have to feel suicidal or be actively self-harming to come to the group. I want to hear everyone’s stories, good or bad, and just get the male clients into the habit of dealing with their issues in a healthier way.”

The group runs on the first Monday of every month, 12noon-1.30pm at the Scarborough hub. To get in touch, click the link to the Scarborough service or call 01723 330730 – no referrals are necessary.