Dodgy kits give dodgy results

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), an executive agency of the Department of Health, are reminding people to use only industry standard testing kits and condoms.

As part of FPA’s Sexual Health Week, MHRA are asking people to avoid using counterfeit condoms and dodgy self-testing kits for HIV and STIs.  The agency is recommending people to only use kits with a CE mark. Spectrum Community Health offers sexual health services including STI testing to everyone in the Wakefield and Barnsley districts, and only uses licensed condoms and approved self-testing kits. We provide quality chlamydia screening kits and condoms for free to anyone between 16 – 24 years.

To order a self-testing kit, please visit With a home testing kit you can take the test in discretion and when it is convenient for you. To receive free condoms, you have to be registered with our sexual health services.

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