Conference Linda’s letter

I was recently invited to speak at the Employee Ownership Organisation Annual Conference. The conference was sponsored by John Lewis and delegates were treated to an inspirational opening presentation from the MD of their flagship Oxford Street branch.

What struck me from my attendance at the various presentations, and from speaking with some of the people representing the hundreds of employee owned businesses, was the huge amount of interest in public sector spin outs.

I was joined by representatives from two other ‘right to requests’, Hull City Partnership and Anglian, Care Enterprise.

It was inspiring to hear about their journey and as I offered an insight into Spectrum Community Health it reaffirmed that the motivation that every one of these organisations, and their team members shared, was supporting service users.

An employee owned business also requires a strong vision, leadership and engagement and an accountability for outcomes.

And, although you may have heard it all before, it is making a difference that drives a change in attitude, in actions and in approach – all of which were necessary when we started Spectrum Community Health.

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