Published journal articles from members of the TRA

Barriers to Help-Seeking in Suicidal Men: A Systematic Literature Review

Employees at NAViGO CIC, in collaboration with the University of Hull and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, have undertaken a systematic literature review exploring barriers to help-seeking in suicidal men. 522 papers were identified from a search of Web of Science and PsycINFO, and 7 full-text, qualitative papers were included in the review. Four reoccurring […]

Effective Management of Long-term Conditions in Remand Prisons: exploring treatment decisions in the first month of imprisonment

Clinical Research Director for the Transform Research Alliance, Dr Nat Wright, and other members of staff at Spectrum Community Health CIC have published a report pertaining to the management of long-term conditions in remand prisons. This research project entailed extracting data from the records of 1,126 prisoners across four prisons, of which 78% were male, […]

Detecting Risk of Radicalisation: cross-sectional survey of GP confidence and competence

Key lines The research published today strengthens our understanding of GP’s confidence in and knowledge of Prevent. It highlights positive messages such as: most GPs recognise Prevent as part of their safeguarding duties and those who had completed Prevent training were more confident with the referral process. The results will contribute to the design of […]

Deep Vein Thromboses in Injecting Drug Users: Meanings, Bodily Experiences, and Stigma

Clinical Research Director for the Transform Research Alliance, Dr Nat Wright, has co-authored a new paper, published in Qualitative Health Research. The article, published in May 2019, explores meanings and experiences of Deep Vein Thromboses in injecting drug users. Following 19 interviews, themes were report pertaining to meaning, bodily experience and stigma. The most pertinent […]

Dental general anaesthetic pre-assessments completed by a specialist – does it change patient outcomes? A UK-based study.

Employees from City Health Care Partnership have published an article in the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry. The paper explores the outcome of dental assessments compled by a Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry after a referral for an exodontia (extraction) dental general anaesthetics by the patients’ General Dental Practitioner. Six hundred and fourty-two sets of notes […]

Assessing the Predictability of Self-harm in a high-risk Adult Prisoner Population

Transform Research Alliance Clinical Research Director – Dr Nat Wright – has co-authored a paper pertaining to self-harm and predictability in prisoners. This research explored the pre-existing measurement tools for assessing future self-harm behaviours in prisoners undergoing ACCT (Assessment, Care in Custody, Teamwork) monitoring. Five instruments were administered across prisoners and a 6-month follow-up determined […]

Supporting Research Readiness in Social Enterprise Health Services

This paper, authored by 6 members of the Transform Research Alliance ; Nat Wright (Clinical Research Director), Linda Harris (TRA Chair), Andrew Burnell (Trustee from City Health Care Partnership), Sue Pender (City Health Care Partnership), Pip Hearty (Spectrum CIC) and George Charlesworth (TRA Co-ordinator), was published in BMC Health Services Research in 2017. This research […]

Opioid Diversion in Prisons

Researchers at Spectrum CIC have collaborated with partners at Leeds and Huddersfield Universities to undertake a systematic review of the literature pertaining to the risk of diversion of prescribed opioids in prison settings. This remains a significant problem facing healthcare staff. Key findings were that, internationally, there is variation between countries in the type of […]