Please tell us which Apprenticeship (or Programme) you are doing / or have recently completed.
I commenced the LEAP level 5 programme in January 2020 and completed my final submission in August 2021.

Why did you choose that Apprenticeship – did you have goals in mind?
I chose this programme to refresh my knowledge of leadership styles and gain support regarding how to implement them into practical situations. I have previously completed a Msc in Management and Leadership, but I felt this was more academic and I was not implementing what I had learned. I also wanted to learn how to manage projects, as this was part of my previous role and also applied to my current role.

Thinking about your time on the course, what are you most proud of?
My confidence and self esteem grew due to the coaching and support of Peers on the course as well as the tutor. I’m also proud of managing my time to complete the programme and my workload.

Has your Apprenticeship been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (or other work pressures)?Although I feel it would have been better to have face to face learning (so that I was able to focus on the course rather than having emails available and at times people coming into my office),  the pandemic did mean the technology was utilised and therefore there was less time spent travelling for the course. I don’t think it would have been possible to spend days off site during the COVID pandemic.

How do you think this Apprenticeship / programme has helped to develop your skills?
I have been utilising my learning as I have gone along, I have had to bring examples to the learning sets.

The project we had to undertake was an essential piece of work – the programme gave me focus and skills to achieve the desired outcome.

Would you encourage others to do an apprenticeship?
I would recommend this to learners as it if flexible and allows you to learn in different ways. I would also recommend this for managers, due to the flexibility of the learning and you can tailor the desired outcomes to   meet the needs of the learner and the service.