What is your name and which Apprenticeship are you doing?

I’m Lewis, I’ve completed the Level 5 Certificate in Operational Leadership and Management (completed in July 2020) as part of the Administration apprenticeship. It is an 18-month course.

Why did you choose your specific apprenticeship?

I started this apprenticeship prior to  April 2020 and continued with Spectrum. I was in my first management role, and felt that this course would support me in making the transition from an administration assistant to an administration manager.

Was there any decision between the apprenticeship route and any other route?
I did explore some learning options through college and university but felt that this course would be the best option for me – all units were based on my workplace and most were completed whilst I was at work. All of my work was submitted online which I would access at work or at home if needed. I have a busy family life and needed a course that would not impact this, this course was perfect in accommodating that.

What has been your proudest achievement on your apprenticeship to date?

Achieving an overall distinction! The end point assessment was quite tricky with an interview, presentation, and professional discussion with an external verifier, so I was very pleased to achieve a distinction.

What work has been like since COVID-19 outbreak and how your work had changed?

In the early stages of the pandemic, the workload reduced but since we moved out of lockdown the workload has increased quite dramatically, staffing the administration service  has been difficult at times due to staff shielding, but myself and my team have managed to maintain a high standard service for our colleagues and patients. Hopefully with increased capacity for testing and vaccinations, we will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel and the way out of the pandemic.

How do you see your apprenticeship helping you in your career progression?
It has definitely supported me in making the transition to an administration manager. I have used some modules that I completed in the course that I hadn’t heard of previously in the workplace, which has been helpful with some decision making. I’m hoping in the future to complete another apprenticeship through the Open University and obtain a degree, which would not have been possible without this qualification.

What would your advice be to anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship?
Go for it, by completing an apprenticeship you can put what you have learnt throughout the course into practice in the workplace. I received strong support throughout the course from managers, colleagues and tutors which helped greatly and helped me gain the qualification, over time hopefully this will open more doors to me in the future.