First among this month’s #HiddenHeroes is Clinical Manager Rachel from HMP Deerbolt!

After recently starting her new role as Clinical Manager, Rachel made a fantastic impression across the prison and has led on key work to transform and improve the management of Long-Term Conditions. Since October 2020, she has led Long-Term Conditions provision, created operational SOPs and supported staff training to help nurses treat and monitor LTC patients.

Suzanne, Head of Healthcare in HMP Deerbolt, says, “Since coming into post as Clinical Manager, Rachel has transformed the Long-Term Conditions service across both Deerbolt and HMP Kirklevington-Grange. She has rebuilt the service from the ground up, trained staff in the management of LTCs and supporting them with Care Planning and monitoring as well as encouraging nurses to take courses in long-term conditions management. Rachel has also dealt with some very challenging situations recently but she always remains calm, professional and supportive. She is a hero as she puts her patients and her team at the foremost of everything and without her recent support, I would have found it beyond challenging to fulfil my role as Head of Healthcare.”

Rachel supports patients with long-term conditions to manage their health proactively and promotes education around healthy behaviours and lifestyles. She is also trained to carry out diagnostic assessments (such as Doppler ultrasounds and diabetic foot examinations) which reduces the need for diabetic patients to attend external community appointments.

Laura, Healthcare Support Worker in Deerbolt, says, “Rachel is a fantastic nurse who has recently started a new post as Clinical Lead. Our team has been working under pressure due to COVID-19 and has been short-staffed recently but she has been doing extra shifts to make sure patient care is covered as well as getting used to her new job role.

“Rachel has particularly gone ‘above and beyond’ with our diabetic patients and makes sure they receive the best care – one patient told us that their diabetes had never been so well-managed since they came into HMP Deerbolt and received support from Rachel. Nothing is ever too difficult for Rachel and this shows in the rapport she has with the patients.”

“Rachel also boosts staff morale by baking delicious cheesecakes and shortbread biscuits and bringing them in for all staff to enjoy! She is exceptionally caring and kind and all staff appreciate the hard work she does day in day out.”

Well done Rachel!