Drive My Car – Nick’s our PPE star! 

Our Estates & Logistics Manager, Nick, is a #HiddenHero for the fantastic support he has been providing to Spectrum’s frontline services during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

To ensure that staff received personal protective equipment (PPE) urgently, Nick began arranging access and distribution of PPE across the whole of the North – personally driving deliveries up to sites to ensure that they were not late, were received by the correct team and didn’t go adrift. Nick and our caretaker, Gary, have been delivering so much PPE that our empty Head Office has turned into a temporary distribution centre! 

Nick is facilitating PPE deliveries alongside his many other responsibilities within Spectrum and always with a friendly, approachable manner – ready to support any colleagues who might need a helping hand. As well as leading Estates and

 Logistics, he is also Spectrum’s responsible Health & Safety Officer and supports staff to comply with health and safety regulations. 

Colleagues from HMP Kirkham said, “Nick has worked tirelessly to secure providers, arranging deliveries and moving PPE stock around the prisons to ensure our staff are protected and have the PPE they need. This has been no easy task and I know he has met many obstacles along the way but has continued to show integrity and support, and I feel he needs to be recognised for this. Thank you Nick!” 

Our Director of Nursing, Julie Finch, added, “We are now in a position where we are seeing deliveries of PPE across the Spectrum estate – Nick’s determination and innovative ways of working has ensured this has happened and supported our staff to stay safe. He is a Hidden Hero!” 


Well done Nick and a big thanks from everyone at Spectrum for going above and beyond 

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