Next up in our #HiddenHeroes hall of fame is Neil, a Non-Medical Prescriber (NMP) in HMP Preston.

Neil officially retired from Spectrum in 2019 but stepped back in during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide vital support for colleagues and patients – covering extra shifts to make sure that essential prescribing could still continue.

By working more hours, Neil allowed HMP Preston to have an on-site prescriber present daily throughout COVID-19. Thanks to Neil and Martin (one of our previous #HiddenHeroes) the site has been able to continue prescribing patient medication throughout the pandemic with no disruption to patients.

Neil’s colleague, Jenn, a Pharmacist at HMP Preston, commented, “When COVID hit we had a reduced workforce as many staff had to shield. Neil came back so that we could have an on-site prescriber every day. It’s thanks to Neil and Martin that we have been able to continue supplying and prescribing medication to patients. The Pharmacy team and the healthcare department at Preston would like to say thank you to them both for stepping up and being heroic!”

As an NMP, Neil’s work enables patients to access appropriate medication and continue treatment effectively, without delays to care or long waiting times. As well as prescribing, Neil is a key support figure and role model for many members of the healthcare team.

Sue, Head of Healthcare in HMP Kirkham, says “I have worked with Neil in different establishments over many years and he is a very intelligent, committed and supportive colleague, always willing to help out patients and staff – his recent efforts through COVID-19 have been an excellent example of that. When you first meet him, you could be forgiven for thinking he has a tough exterior – but like most good chocolate, he has a soft centre!

“Neil is a very caring person, quiet and unassuming. He doesn’t suffer fools but if his patients genuinely need care and attention, he will always go the extra mile to make sure they get the best care they need.”

Clinical Manager Elizabeth adds, “Neil is really dedicated and is a massive part of the team, he has been amazing in recent weeks. Thanks Neil!”

Neil’s story is just another great example of the fantastic family of staff that we have here at Spectrum. Well done Neil!