Michelle Doubles up and Takes the Reins

Virtual high 5s and a big shout out to our next Hidden Hero. Michelle is one of Spectrum’s Recovery in Community Team Leaders working across HMP Preston, HMP Lancaster Farms and HMP Kirkham.

Michelle has been nominated as a Hidden Hero by one of her colleagues who has witnessed her going above and beyond during the current pandemic.

At the beginning of the pandemic Spectrum’s Head of Recovery Service unfortunately had to take long term absence. This resulted in not only a gap in the management structure but the loss of important contact between senior management and operational managers, across the prison recovery teams in the North West.

Noticing a need for someone to continue this role Michelle stepped up to the plate and took the reins. This is in addition to carrying out her current role as Recovery in Community Team Leader.

Michelle has excelled in this new role providing vital support for the Recovery Service Team Leaders. Her strategic support has proved to be invaluable during the pandemic for both managers and service users.

The communications Michelle has facilitated has been paramount to the safe journey to the safe running of recovery services. The Support she has provided in writing contingency plans and risk assessment has been key to action plans. This has allowed for continued delivery by our key workers

She dials into Silver Command calls daily and feeds into Bronze Command calls on a regular basis. Taking the vital information received in these calls and feeding it back to colleagues, working with them to tackle any potential issues. She has also set up daily touchpoints with the wider team to ensure everyone is connected throughout the pandemic.

Further to this Michelle has been working closely with prisoners to prepare them for life on the outside and a world with COVID-19. Preparing specialist support at the Community Engagement Centre and providing that important front-line support for those having just been released from prison. In some cases, this work is potentially lifesaving.

These new responsibilities understandably come with a lot of pressure but Michelle has flourished and is an exemplar member of the team.

Well done Michelle!